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Hanover Foils supplies high-quality printed and coated materials for use in a wide range of applications.

Rotogravure Printing/Coating

Simple Color Graphics (Logo) Printing or Full Web Coating (1 or 2 Sides)

Thicknesses .0003 – .006 in
.0076 – .1524 mm
Widths 1.75 – 52.00 in
44.5 – 1321 mm
Core Diameters 3, 6
76.2 and 152.4 mm
Core Types Fiber, Aluminum, Steel, Plastic

Hanover Foils supplies high-quality film/foil laminations using materials specifically designed for your application.

Thermoset film/foil laminating and adhesive printing with logo or colored adhesives

Thermo laminating of sealant films to foil

Various films, gauges, and coatings

Coil Slitting
Specialty Rewinding
International Packaging/Shipping
Required Special Packaging

Hanover Foils supplies a variety of aluminum foil .000285 to .006 inches thick.

We stock various alloys (1000- 8000 Series) in a variety of tempers (0-H19).\